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    Hello!Lately I’ve heard some rumours about the retirement at Emirates and I’m really worried about that because i wouldn’t like to find myself with no job by the age of 50…so my question is if those rumours about the retirement by 50 are true or not.Do they really Fire you once you reach that age?I’ve Also heard that you can continue working for the company the only thing that changes is the contract which turns into a yearly renewable one…Is this being discussed atm or has anything changed since those rumours ??Hope someone can help me<!–more–>


    Hello there and many thanks for your question!


    The rumors that you have heard are, unfortunately, true.  Generally speaking, cabin crew approaching 50-years old have their contracts extended by one year when their current one expires.  We’ve heard of these contracts being mainly extended for the purser rank, although even then nothing is guaranteed.


    Contracts are then reviewed on a yearly basis.


    The cynical would say that’s because more mature crew with lots of years of experience cost the company more – although, we don’t know how true that is, if at all.


    Thanks a lot for your quick reply!I’ve been looking for the answer everywhere!So if I got it right the real problem would be if you’re near 50 and you’re not a purser right?whereas if you are a purser already it’s quite possible for you to continue?




    Although, there’s really no guarantee for existing pursers either.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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