Can I have tattoos as cabin crew?

Knowledge BaseCategory: Application QuestionsCan I have tattoos as cabin crew?
Mateusz Maszczynski Staff asked 3 months ago

Does having any type of tattoo prevent me from becoming cabin crew?

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Mateusz Maszczynski Staff answered 3 months ago

Airlines continue to be quite conservative when it comes to tattoos and the vast majority of carriers don’t allow their cabin crew to have any form of visible tattoo when in uniform.

Generally speaking, if the uniform covers the tattoo when you will be okay but the following areas are completely off-limits:

  • The head and face
  • Top of arms down to wrists and hands
  • Top of knees down to ankles and feet (females only)

Some airlines do now permit arm tattoos if you can cover it with a long-sleeve shirt but the use of cosmetic bandages, plasters or makeup (even for small tattoos) is generally not permitted.

Other airlines are even more restrictive – Qatar Airways, for example, does not allow any tattoos.
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