Emirates Assesment Days in south Asia

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Pramod Wickramathilake asked 3 months ago

I’m From Sri Lanka.  I’m Waiting for Emirates Assesment days in Sri Lanka or Maldives.  I think they not gonna visit both… countries.. any idea or help please?

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Mateusz Maszczynski Staff answered 3 months ago

Since Emirates restarted cabin crew recruitment, we’ve seen certain regions and countries favoured ahead of others – notably, Europe and especially countries such as the UK, France and Italy have proven popular as has Australia and even the United States.
Unfortunately, on the other end of the spectrum, other countries haven’t yet hosted a recruitment event and Asia hasn’t been particularly well represented up to this point.  We are now seeing Open Day’s held in this region – Singapore and Indonesia have now been featured and this trend is likely to continue.  
Emirates chooses the locations where it holds recruitment events on a number of factors – particularly the representation of different nationalities within their crew community.  You are able to attend an OD in another country, although I understand that this is an option that is not available to most people.