What is the maximum age limit to join Emirates?

Knowledge BaseCategory: EmiratesWhat is the maximum age limit to join Emirates?
Mateusz Maszczynski Staff asked 3 months ago

I’ve heard there’s a maximum age limit to join Emirates – is this true?

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Mateusz Maszczynski Staff answered 3 months ago

This is a question that is bound to divide opinion! On the one hand, we know there is no advertised maximum age limit (only a minimum age limit). On the other, we know from our own sources that more mature candidates are less likely to be shortlisted.

The actual answer isn’t simply a yes or no. In some cases, older candidates will be selected although we believe it becomes harder from around 28-years old and older. There is some theories that Emirates doesn’t currently recruit anyone older than 30-years old but even then there are some reports of candidates of this age and above being selected.

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