Do i need a cover letter to accompany my RESUME?

Knowledge BaseCategory: Other QuestionsDo i need a cover letter to accompany my RESUME?
NAT asked 3 months ago

Do I need a cover letter to accompany my resume or CV?

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Mateusz Maszczynski Staff answered 3 months ago

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t normally need a cover letter to accompany your cabin crew application.  If you are attending an Open Day then follow the advice of the airline – generally speaking, they will request you bring an updated resume and one photo only.  A cover letter will not add anything to your application and will simply be discarded.
However, a cover letter **may** be of benefit if you’re applying via the airline’s official careers website.  In some cases, the computer system that handles the application process – known as an Applicant Tracking System or ATS – will scan both your resume and cover letter to determine whether you are a good match for the role.  By adding a cover letter you are giving yourself an additional opportunity to show you have the skills, experience and aptitude for the position.
If you choose to add a cover letter, then we recommend you make it work as hard as possible – focus on your skills and experience, as well as your knowledge of the role and company.  We’ve written this handy guide which may come in really useful – it also includes an example cover letter.
NB.  Etihad Airways specifically asks for a cover letter to be attached to your online application.

NAT answered 3 months ago

I’m from UGANDA and emirates dosent host any recruitment event in any East African countries. But there’ l be emirates recruitment event in EGYPT(Sharm el sheikh) on 28th of dec.
As emirates  recruiting there I would like to know how can i apply online  for the assessment day,considering that recruitment events in EGYPT  are “invitation only”
Can I change my country of residence from UGANDA to EGYPT. As this,however, might trigger aquick invitation?
But on the other hand I fear it may be a trouble,considering that ill be back soon to my country(Uganda)and in case of a golden call?
Am so confused help me please 

Mateusz Maszczynski Staff replied 3 months ago

I wouldn’t advise trying to get invited to an Assessment Day by changing your application address. Emirates will be holding an event in Egypt which is Invitation Only as they are specifically looking for Egyptian Arabic speakers so you’re chances of success would be very slim. However, you’re absolutely free to attend any other Open Day held in another country.

NAT replied 3 months ago

Thanks for ur useful feedback